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Our Heritage

The Founders
The vision of David and Julia Bridger, Parterre Fragrances and Keyneston Mill Botanical Gardens represent the merging of their combined influences & interests - art, gardens, travel and perfume.
Our mission is to grow the most unusual plants we can source. Each plant is then trialled, harvested, and distilled on site. This process captures the very essence of each aromatic variety.
Founders - David & Julia Bridger David’s musician and designer parents inspired a lifetime studying and working in design and marketing. His love of plants comes from his family's farming heritage, and his love of fragrance started with Aqua di Parma in the 1980s. Travel and exploration have been a major influence since early life, from Gstaad to the Amazon. His artistic influences include pre-Renaissance Italian art, illustration, photography, dance and the contemporary music video. After growing up in Scotland and the south of England with frequent trips to France, Julia moved to London, gaining a degree in graphic design & photography, working in advertising and running a luxury Caribbean villa rental company. She and David then set up home in Hampshire, where Julia became a keen gardener, trialling specialist plants. A long-time lover of southern France and perfume, she re-discovered Grasse when travelling with David five years ago, and the seed for Parterre Fragrances was sown.
Jacques Chabert
Master Perfumer - Jacques Chabert Jacques is one of the world’s leading perfumers, and has worked with such esteemed houses as Chanel and Guerlain. Jacques is an artist – he draws inspiration from Keyneston Mill’s superb essences and keynote ingredients, blending them with the highest quality ingredients from other climes. He works in Grasse with his daughter Elsa, while his older daughter, Carla, runs their Paris laboratory.
Virginie Daniau
Perfume & Ingredients Team The perfume & ingredients team include Virginie Daniau who is the president of the British Society of Perfumers (BSP). She has been working with Parterre since its inception and introduced us to Jacques. Ben Greenwell is Maitre Du Feuillage, master of foliagé as his role covers anything to do with plant materials - including the running of the distillery.
Horticulture Team Nanette Wraith is Head of Aromatic Plants & Crops and she joined Keyneston Mill from the Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley, where she was responsible for the herb garden. Prior to this she worked for the National Trust at Nymans in Sussex, and at the historic London garden of the Inner Temple. She leads the team of gardeners and botanists together with Stuart Neilson, Head of Estates and Gardens, who worked at the Savill Garden, the Crown Estate Windsor Great Park, and at Elton John's private estate where he was Head Gardener for 14 years, before coming to Keyneston Mill.